Minister Shares Her True Story With Cancer

Updated: May 21, 2015

Present at this year’s symposium Cancer Symposium 2015was Minister Lisel Alamilla who shared her experience with cancer on caring, coping and surviving.


“I was invited to present on my experience on grief and loss. I had a child who died of brain cancer eight years ago and so I came to share my experience of the journey through grief and loss and how I have coped with that loss. One of the things that I told the audience is that you don’t get over grief just by sitting there you really have to work and dig yourself out of grief. I did a lot of therapy, I did a lot of counseling work, I spoke to a lot of people who had gone through the same experience and to know that I am not alone in the experience I educated myself, I learnt what really happens to the brain when you have suffered loss.  What really happens is a physiological change in the brain and because I am that kind of person who needs to understand what happens to me and that I cannot just tell myself to get over it, which is what some people tell others, “Just get over it”