Police Inspector Chooses Theme for September Celebrations

Updated: June 5, 2015

The official opening of the September celebrations 2015 is about three months away but the wheels have begun spinning when it comes to preparations and planning.  Of course, many of those preparations and planning do need a theme and so with that, the National Celebrations Commission has announced the selected theme for this year.  That theme is, ‘Belize Renewed: Confident, Competitive, Committed’.  Shari Williams of the National Institute for Culture and History explained to Love News what the Commission was looking for when they reviewed the one hundred and forty seven entries.

As we mentioned, the celebration season is still quite some weeks away and so, we asked Williams what the reasoning is behind picking a theme so early in the year.


The National Celebrations Commission is comprised of representatives from various organisations and ministries including that of Foreign Affairs, the Belize Defense Force, The Belize Tourism Board, among others.