Kelly Street Figure Dies From a Stab Wound

Updated: June 22, 2015

Belize City Police are investigating the stabbing murder of 43-year-old, Bodden Carrington.  Carrington was stabbed to death last night whilst at a Father’s Day function at the corner of Kelly Street and Freetown Road after reportedly being involved in a fight. Head of the Crimes Investigative Branch, Superintendent Hilberto Romero told us more.


“On Sunday, the 21st of June 2015, around 10:40pm police personnel responded to a report of a stabbing victim at the KHMH. Upon the arrival they met Carrington Bodden, 43 years with a single stab wound to the right side of the chest. Shortly thereafter he was pronounced dead at the KHM. We have commenced an investigation; we have one person in custody and we are doing further work and at the end of the investigation a file will be completed and we will determine there if any charged will be levied on anyone.  These persons were socializing in the area, they had a father’s day event. At some point these two persons got into an altercation which led to the stabbing.”


“Was alcohol involved?”


“Information is that they were drinking yes and the two men are familiar with each other.  We don’t have information that they were rivals, they were just hanging out at the Fathers Day event.”


Police investigations continue.