Eamon for PUP’s National Campaign Manager??

Updated: July 21, 2015

So, there is no individual replacement for Smith, at least not yet …. But according to our inside sources, we were told that Eamon Courtenay was approached by a senior party member and former PUP Minister of Finance, to take on the position.  Our understanding is that Courtenay referred to that offer as, quote, ‘dead upon arrival’.  However, Fonseca says that Eamon was not approached on the matter of National Campaign Manager.


“You’re getting your information from the UDPs and again that is absolutely false. I have an absolutely excellent relationship with Eamon Courtney. If I want or require Eamon Courtney to do anything on behalf of the People’s United Party I always go see him myself. I don’t need anybody to act on my behalf to engage with Eamon Courtney so that is absolutely not the case.”