Missing Person

Updated: August 10, 2015

 Tonight, twenty one year old Zen Keefauver (KEE-FAV-ER) is missing. According to family members, the young man went missing after he saw his care taker, Byron Piaz, lying in a pool of blood after he was shot in Forest Home Village. Zen was last seen behind (VO STARTS) Roots Rock Reggae Club in the bushes going in the direction of the mountains last night around eight pm (VO ENDS). He was wearing a red shirt, brown cargo pants, and blue flip flops. Zen stands about six feet tall and weighs about a hundred and forty five pounds. (VO STARTS) Zen suffers from a mental disability; he is non-aggressive and not very verbal. (VO ENDS) If any one sees or has any information about Zen’s where about please contact the nearest police station.