Clean up campaign held in Punta Gorda

Updated: August 24, 2015

Paul Mahung reporting…

“The cleanup campaign on Saturday was organized by Tropic Air and Oceana personnel in Punta Gorda as explained by Ocean Toledo Field representative Cordelia Shal.

Cordelia Shal, Ocean Toledo Field representative

“The objective of the beach clean-up here in Punta Gorda is to have a clean beach whereby Belizeans and visitors can go in a clean environment and enjoy what we have here in Belize. The group includes Indian Creek bird club, Hicatee Lodge, Scotia Bank Toledo, TIDE Scholarship Student, Youth Adventure Conservation Environmental Club, Toledo Fisheries Department and of course Tropic Air Toledo. The beach cleanup is not only happening in here in Punta Gorda but also in Dangriga, Placencia and Seine Bight. Oceana Belize and Tropic Air would like to instil civic pride for a cleaner environment. I want to conclude by saying thank you to Tropic Air Toledo and its manager Robert Pennell Jr. for joining Oceana in the Punta Gorda beach clean-up.”

Shal commented that the clean-up campaign removed a quantity of unwelcomed and environmentally unhealthy plastic garbage mostly thrown by some members of the public who use the seaside or travel along the road.