Guatemalan national deported

Updated: August 26, 2015

Paul Mahung reporting…

“Officer in charge of immigration department in Punta Gorda is Therese Chavarria.

Therese Chavarria – OC, Immigration Dept

On the 25th of August at approximately 5:30pm Punta Gorda police were on routine patrol. On their patrol they discovered Mr. Marvin Najera, a Guatemalan National of Puerto Barrios. He was detained on our trek we discovered that Mr. Najera was in the country illegally. He failed to comply with the condition and therefore this morning was served with an order to leave the country.”

 Paul Mahung, Love News

“Joint working relations by Punta Gorda police and Immigration personnel led onto the detention and deportation of 26 year old Marvin Najera to Puerto Barios Guatemala.