PM Barrow: Inflation at a Low and Unemployment Down

Updated: September 22, 2015

With all these announcements made at yesterday’s event which will undoubtedly carry a heavy financial burden on the Government, Prime Minister Barrow did give a brief overview of the country’s economy, saying that it is good.


“Our economy is doing well.  The great growth of the first quarter was succeeded by a small contraction in the second due to some difficulties with commodities and in particular the huge resource-decline in oil. But grains will recover from drought as the inundations from yesterday and today make clear;  shrimp will recover from disease and citrus will recover from the market conditions that saw a temporary fall in price. Meantime we are still at 2.7% in GDP year-over-year increase; inflation is just about the lowest in the region and unemployment is significantly down.”


Other speakers at the Independence Day Official ceremony included Belmopan Mayor, Khalid Belisle and Diane Haylock who stood in for the Chairman of the September celebrations, Manuel Heredia Junior.