Horticulture Classes Offered in Western Belize

Updated: November 10, 2015

For some time now the Belize Botanic Gardens have been holding training workshops in horticulture for adults and children interested in gardening and plant education.  The BBG’s objective continues in providing the training sessions on topics including soil and organic fertilizers, plant propagation, organic pest control, landscape maintenance and nursery establishment.  Instructors of these courses are Rudy Aguilar, Freddy Tut and Josue Mai with classes available in the daytime and at evenings.  The three instructors recently concluded the EU funded Professional Gardener’s Programme from which hundreds of men and women have graduated and are currently employed or managing businesses in the horticulture sector.  Classes are available as early as this weekend with arrangements for transportation to and from the class venue.  Belize Botanic Gardens can be contacted at 824-3101.