University’s VP Gone After First Semester

Updated: January 7, 2016

Winston Bennett is no longer the Vice President of the University of Belize. On Tuesday the Office of Public Information sent out a notice from the office of the President via email to the UB community informing that quote, “Bennett no longer serves as Vice President of the University of Belize’, end of quote. In the email, the President of UB, Alan Slusher, thanks Bennett for his services to the University. However, a professor at the University, Belmopan Campus, told us that Bennett and Slusher had a rocky relationship. So we enquired into the matter. An employee from the University in the Office of Public Information contacted our newsroom to read out a statement from Slusher. That statement reads quote, “We have an initial period for new employees during which employee and employer access mutual suitability. We both came to the conclusion that we were not meeting each other’s expectation”, end of quote.  Bennett was there for only one semester.