A Commission for Toledo Maya Land Rights

Updated: January 12, 2016

Attorney General Vanessa Retreage has appointed the members of the Toledo Maya Land Rights Commission. The Chairman of the Commission is Lisel Alamilla while Noreen Fairweather and Randall Shepherd are the members. Attorney Anthony Ross, who has experience in Indigenous Affairs, has been retained as expert consultant to the Commission. The primary responsibility of the Commission is to implement the consent order of the Caribbean Court of Justice which ruled that Government adopt affirmative measures to identify and protect the rights arising from Maya customary land tenure. It is expected that the Commission will establish a structured framework to ensure collaborative consultation and participation of key stakeholders, mainly focusing on the twenty three villages, including Conejo and Santa Cruz, the Maya Leaders Alliance, and the Toledo Alcalde Association. The Office of the Commission will be located at the Attorney General’s Ministry in Belmopan City.