Wanted Man Captured in Southern Belize

Updated: January 28, 2016

Independence Police have captured a man who was wanted in connection with a murder in Bella Vista Village. Correspondent Harry Arzu reports.


“24-year-old, Maria Garcia, a Honduran national who was living in Bella Vista Village in the Toledo District was murdered on Monday January 18th while she and her companion Earlyn McGuire were walking across the football field in the said village. Independence police say that an argument broke out between the two and as a result McGuire reportedly inflicted multiple chop wounds to Garcia’s head, face and hand who soon after died from her injuries. McGuire who fled the scene was seen on a passenger bus that was heading to Jalacte village in the Toledo District yesterday morning. He was recognized by some of the passengers who subdued him and handed him over to the police. McGuire is now in police custody. Preliminary investigations revealed that McGuire admitted his involvement in the crime.”