Mental Health Association Unaware of Aid for Patients Via Ministry

Updated: January 28, 2016

Today the Mental Health Association sent out a release in relation to the two incidents involving persons with mental illness that we reported during the week. According to the Association the public is unaware of the assistance available through the Ministry of Health or how to access this assistance and therefore they are calling on the Ministry of Health to partner with international and national agencies to prepare an awareness campaign that would address this.  The Mental health Association acknowledges that quote, “While it is true that there is no cure for serious mental illnesses modern treatment can allow persons with mental illnesses to live safely within their communities.  The support of family members and the community can ensure that this can be achieved to the benefit of all”, end of quote. We do know that the Minister of Health has planned a sensitizing workshop for senior police officers next month and the objective is to educate officers on common mental health disorders that affect Belizeans living in the community and to bring awareness of different mental disorders that police officers may encounter.