Party Leader Dean Barrow Will Remain Neutral in Party Convention

Updated: March 21, 2016

With both Faber and Saldivar officially launching their campaign today and while the UDP Chairman and Party Leader, Dean Barrow, say that there will be no division in the party, according to Anthony Boots Martinez who will be responsible for 15 of the estimated five hundred and fifty votes in the delegate convention, says that he will wait to see the line-up.


Party Leader Dean Barrow says that he will remain neutral in the upcoming convention but did concede that there will be some bruised feelings but nothing that the UDP cannot handle.


In this upcoming convention, there will be 16 delegates coming out of the 31 constituencies including the Area Representative; in addition to those delegates, members of the Central Executive will be allowed to vote and all elected UDP Mayors and Councillors around the country.  The estimated total of delegates to vote in this convention is about five hundred and sixty.