Belize Officials Believe BDF Sergeant Was Shot by Guatemalan

Updated: April 8, 2016

Staff Sergeant Richard Lambey who was injured in the Valentin Camp area remains on leave as he recuperates from the gunshot wounds he suffered.  The case is one that continues to be investigated as explained by CEO George Lovell from the Ministry of National Security.

When Love News had spoken to the Western Regional Commander, Superintendent Andrew Ramirez, he did warn that assumptions should not be made that the shooter was a Guatemalan national; despite that, however, CEO Lovell says that is his belief.

As it relates to changes at the Valentin Camp area and the patrols in the area, CEO Lovell says there have been no changes in the system and should there be any change, it would depend on the outcome of the investigation.

Lambey’s gunshot wounds were reportedly from a pont twenty two calibre weapon.