Sustainable Goals are Everyone’s Business

Updated: April 11, 2016

As we told you earlier in our newscast there was the start of a two day workshop on the global goals for sustainable development.  The event which has the participation of various sectors in Belize ranging from agriculture to fisheries and urban planning to climate change comes with several objectives.  Facilitator of the workshop, Dr Seleshi Awulachew (ah-wool-la-chu) spoke of what he hopes the participants will take away with them.


Carolyn Trench Sandiford who heads the Belize Planners Association was at the Princess Ramada Hotel for the workshop and she spoke to us on how these goals tie in with the association’s mandate.


Also present was Carlos Fuller of the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre.  Fuller spoke on how everything has been coming together since last year and the dependency that climate change and these sustainable development goals have on each other.


This part of the global goals’ workshop continues tomorrow with the plan on how implementation will take place and the translation of the global agenda into national goals.