Guatemalan Laborer Dies in Freak Incident

Updated: April 26, 2016

Yesterday we told you of the freak incident that took place at the Santander Sugar Mill on the George Price Highway, leaving 20-year-old, Guatemalan laborer, Francisco Andres Antonio Sebastian dead.  It happened just before midday when the driver of the harvester, Luis Rivera was alerted of a body on the elevator section of the machine.  Upon inspection he saw Sebastian’s body with a crushed head, severed feet and hands and a large cut to the abdomen.  Investigation reveals that about 11:00am yesterday, Sebastian who resides in Cotton Tree Village, Cayo District went to take a nap on the cane row where they were working as the harvester machine was experiencing mechanical problems. The machine was repaired shortly thereafter by the mechanic and the men went back to work; unknowing to them that Francisco was asleep in the area and as a result, he was crushed to death.  His body was transported to the Western Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.  A post mortem is pending and an investigation is ongoing.