Central Bank and Union Sign Collective Agreement; Others Remain Pending

Updated: May 27, 2016

The Christian Workers Union has been busy in recent negotiations as just yesterday they signed onto two separate Collective Bargaining Agreements in Belize City.  We have told you of the CBA signed onto with the Belize Port Authority whereby the union and non-union staff members of the Belize Port Authority will be getting salary increases annually, for the next four years, at least, retroactive to April 1, 2016.  Just before that signing with the Belize Port Authority, the CWU had signed onto a Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Central Bank of Belize.  Love News learnt more of this 3-year-agreement from CWU’s President, Audrey Matura-Sheppard.

According to the Christian Workers Union, over one hundred staff members at Central Bank will benefit from this new CBA.  Matura-Shepherd says these negotiations are a part of their efforts in trying to bring the nine agreements they are responsible for, up to date.

The Christian Workers Union says they continue negotiations with other entities including the Social Security Board which Matura-Shepherd says have proven challenging due to political interference.As it relates to the pending agreement for the stevedores and the Port of Belize Limited, Matura Shepherd says that remains unresolved.