Time’s Up for Teachers to Be Qualified

Updated: June 3, 2016

It was about five years ago when the Minister of Education spoke of the improvements to the education system including the mandatory teaching certificate that one must possess in order to be in the classroom.  With the new school year coming up in August, we spoke with the CEO for education, David Leacock who spoke on the different licenses available for teachers.


In 2010, there were some reforms done to the system where teachers were given notice that they would have to be duly qualified to teach.   As a consequence to those reforms, a commission was formed in 2011 and teachers were given five years to achieve their qualifications in order to be eligible for employment.


As CEO Leacock mentioned there are some specialized areas where teachers will be allowed to teach with a special license.

The Ministry of Education has been receiving updated credentials of teachers from around the country as they prepare to issue new licenses for the coming school year.