Briceno Warns Belizeans of Economic Hardships on the Horizon

Updated: June 22, 2016

Following today’s National Executive meeting of the PUP, Leader of the Opposition presented some figures to the media as Briceno warns that the economy is in shambles and the Government of Belize is in serious debt.  Briceno honed in on the debt brought to the country via the PetroCaribe program as well as the proposed solutions presented by the International Monetary Fund and the use of overdraft facilities to meet public wages.  A new aspect brought on was the dumping of BEL shares and the investments done by Social Security into the utility companies.


With all the research and figures presented by the PUP on Belize’s economy, Briceno had a stern warning for the Belizean people.


Briceno says that the PUP continues to gather the numbers and figures as they relate to the country’s economy.