Belizean Extracted Safely from Istanbul Airport

Updated: July 18, 2016

Last Friday, as chaos unfolded in Istanbul, Turkey, in all the confusion a delegation of Belizeans transiting through were stuck at the International Airport. Martha Carrillo was one of those Belizeans who were en-route to South Africa to attend the International Aids Conference. She was travelling alone when her flight was cancelled and she was stranded at the airport. Ana Carrillo, her sister, was in contact with her and spoke of Martha’s ordeal.

Ana Carrillo also spoke about what the atmosphere was inside the airport where people were demonstrating and security was on high alert.

Sixteen hours after, Martha Carrillo was able to get on another flight and her sister Ana Carrillo says they owe it in large part to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the British High Commissioner who worked tirelessly to assist her stranded sister.

Ana Carrillo stated that they are trying to secure a return flight for her sister that would not transit through Turkey.  Love News had spoken with the Chief Executive Officer, Lawrence Sylvestre who had informed us that the ministry was in communication with the Belizean and that they has informed the Belizean personnel posted in London, Brussels and Istanbul of the situation who would be on standby to extract her at the earliest time possible.