3 Weeks into Strike Action by Teachers

Updated: October 17, 2016

The strike by the Belize National Teachers Union has entered its third week. Today the National Committee for Families and Children issued a release in which it says it is deeply concerned and regrets the plight that our children are currently facing as they are being deprived of one of their fundamental rights, which is explicitly stated in the Convention on the Rights of the Child; that of the right to a good quality education.   It goes on to say article three of the convention states that when adults are making decisions that the child’s welfare should be the paramount consideration and therefore the present state of affairs in which children are out of school for the past two weeks is a direct violation of the very article stated above.  The NCFC is calling on all parties to swiftly find a resolution that will return our children to the classroom, which will be in the best interest of our children and their families.