Education Minister Expresses Interest to Negotiate on Teachers’ Salaries

Updated: October 20, 2016

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Patrick Faber has written to the President of the Belize National Teachers Union, Luke Palacio in regards to the teachers’ salaries. As we had mentioned, the Ministry sent out a memo stating that Government has decided to withhold contributions to salaries for those teachers who took part in the strike. Well today, Minister Faber wrote to Palacio proposing that the BNTU use its strike fund to pay the teachers who were on strike. Faber said that the Government is willing to subsidize the payment to teachers if the BNTU’s strike fund is insufficient. In his letter, Faber requested that the Executive Council of the BNTU meet with officials from the Ministry to discuss the making up of teaching time lost to students. Faber says that if they come to an agreement in regards to how time loss will be recovered, the Government will pay the full salaries of teachers who were on strike. The catch is that the BNTU will need to pay back the Government using its Strike Fund. Faber is requesting to have the meeting tomorrow morning at the ITVET in Belize City.