Foreseeing Delays in Teachers’ Salaries for November

Updated: November 24, 2016

The teachers are expected to be paid tomorrow, but, will that actually happen? Some teachers have expressed doubts that it will. Best information suggests that teachers will more than likely not be paid. The nature of the manner that the Ministry of Education uses to process the teachers’ pay is lengthy and since the order from the Chief Justice came down on Monday, there is not enough time to process the thousands of paychecks. So like the Chief Education Officer said on Monday, there is a high probability that pay will not be ready. On Monday, the Chief Justice granted an injunction to the Belize National Teachers Union prohibiting the Ministry from docking the teachers’ pay this month. We understand that the Government is working to comply with the CJ’s order and in the event that pay is not in by tomorrow it is unlikely that GOB will be held in contempt of court. We will have an update on this matter in tomorrow’s newscast.