Accused Sexual Molestor Gets Bail After Charged for Assaulting Toddler

Updated: December 9, 2016

Sixty-two year old Ernesto Caliz Sr, a supervisor at San Pedro Town Council charged with sexual assault on a three year old girl, was offered a bail of five thousand dollars today by Justice Adolph Lucas after his bail application was heard. The bail was offered on the condition that Caliz is to appear before the Magistrate at San Pedro Magistrate’s Court on January 6, 2017 and on any other date the Magistrate so orders him to appear; that he is to report to San Pedro Police Station every Friday, commencing December 16, until the charge of sexual assault is disposed of; that he is not to interfere with any of the prosecution witnesses, particularly the virtual complainant or any members of her family; and that he is not to come in close proximity to the virtual complainant or to where she lives. If he breaches any of the conditions his bail will be revoked. Caliz was arrested and charged on December 3.  He appeared before the Magistrate at San Pedro magistrate’s Court on December 6 and he was denied bail and he was remanded into custody until January 6, 2017.