Foreign Minister Says There Is No Agreement over the Sarstoon Island

Updated: January 12, 2017

Last week, we reported on a piece of document that stated that in 2015 when Guatemalan Foreign Minister, Raul Carlos Morales was in Belize for the OAS Peace Program, he and Belize’s Foreign Minister, Wilfred Elrington, made an agreement in regards to the Sarstoon Island. According to the document, both Foreign Ministers agreed no country would occupy or build on the island until the International Court of Justice rules to which country the island belongs. So we asked Elrington if that was the case.


“I didn’t agree to do that at all at all but I will tell you this the Sarstoon River has been unoccupied, the Sarstoon Island has been unoccupied as far as I know from 1859 up to this point in time nobody has tried to go to it, it’s as abandoned as it were small very marshy and I don’t know if you could do anything much on it so neither the Guatemalans nor the British nor Belizeans have sought to do anything on it from as far back as I can find historical records and it’s nothing that I would have interfered with or the Guatemalans.”


“With an island that is so important is it wise for us to have it unoccupied for so long especially in the tense times of these border disputes?”


“I don’t think it has any great importance in relation to our borders it is well within Belize’s territory it is Belizean territory it is just we have so many islands all over the country but because this one is so marshy and soft nobody has sought to go on it except a few people who may have their own agendas.”