Public officers participate in seven week training

Updated: February 1, 2017

Fem Cruz reporting…

“ The Ministry of Public Service is currently having a seven week introductory course for pubic officers. Five government departments will benefit from the training course. Jacquelyn Sealy the administrative officer for the Ministry of Public Service with responsibility for training spoke to Love News about the importance of the training.”

Jacquelyn Sealy – Administrative Officer

“ We are currently conducting our clerical program and this program and this program is geared towards second class clerks and entry level clerks in the technical departments such as immigrations, customs, GST, income tax and the postal services so the program will be running for five weeks for general subject. We have general subjects in the area of conditions of service, purpose of government, the constitution of Belize, the government accounting, customer public relations and thereafter we go into examinations. The clerks are required to take an examination for each subject area and then they have two weeks where they will be doing technical subjects for the same five technical departments that I had mentioned earlier and then they will have an examination for those subject areas as well. So the program is basically an orientation for clerks into the public service and it covers the introductory areas of those topic areas that I had mentioned earlier. Its for promotion purposes, the clerks are required to participate in this program and successfully complete this program and thereafter they will have to do a clerical promotional program before they are promoted to the next level.”