Placencia Dubbed a Burgeoning Town by Vogue

Updated: February 6, 2017

Belize is again featured as an ideal tourist attraction as News Americas had it listed as one of the ten must-visit Caribbean countries.  The article was written in relation to Black History Month in the US and the trend of some to travel to historic places in the Caribbean.  The Barrier Reef was the highlight in the article’s paragraph on Belize, noting its place as a World Heritage Site and the attraction it has provided for hundreds of thousands of tourists.  Meanwhile, Vogue magazine has named Belize’s Placencia peninsula as a must-visit location.  The February 3 publication calls the peninsula a burgeoning town that was once a sleepy fishing village sandwiched between a lagoon on the west and the Caribbean Sea on the east with culturally diverse inhabitants including American expats.  Recent years have seen Belize recognized by several travel agencies and publications which could possibly be a contributing factor in the increases in tourist arrivals to Belize.