Belize and Canadian Authorities Seek Jordan Bacchus

Updated: March 16, 2017

Police in Toronto, Canada, are searching for a man wanted for multiple firearms related offences. That man is also wanted in Belize in relations to a murder investigation. He is 27 year old Jordan Bacchus. In Belize, he is the prime suspect for the murder of Melvin Almendarez who was found south of San Pedro Town in an area known as Mosquito Coast with a number of abrasions to the head and body. Bacchus has been detained but police, during the 48 hours of his detention, were not able to mount enough evidence to keep him longer. He was charged with Possession of Controlled Drugs and release on bail. San Pedro police later compiled evidence to substantiate their theory that Bacchus was the allege killer but when they went looking for him, he disappeared. Police then believe that he had fled to his home country of Canada and yesterday their suspicion was confirmed when Toronto Police has issued a warrant for the arrest of Bacchus. Toronto police say Bacchus was seen in the city and he is deemed as armed and dangerous. Police in Belize are in contact with their counterparts in Canada.