Fires Spark in Caye Caulker and Majestic Alley

Updated: March 24, 2017

Firefighters in Caye Caulker Village began fighting a house fire at around five o’clock this evening.  Up to news time the firemen were still at the scene ensuring that the embers had been extinguished so as to avoid further damages.  Love News understands that the two-storey wooden structure belonged to a foreigner and was named Chateau Giselle, located near the village’s basketball court.  Further details are still pending.  While firefighters and residents in Caye Caulker were working at disabling the inferno, Belize City firefighters had an even larger incident at hand as a fire sparked in the Majestic Alley. In this incident, the angry red/orange blaze, facilitated with the winds caused it to spread onto other structures in the alley including the barracks where multiple families lived.  A few minutes ago the Area Representative for Fort George, Said Musa went to the scene where fire officials were still working at extinguishing the blaze.


The fire is now under control but the damage caused is shocking. One resident, Wayne Jones, spoke with the media.

We will have more on this fire and the one in Caye Caulker in Monday’s newscast.