Car Dealer Found Guilty of Impersonating Police Officer

Updated: April 4, 2017

A jury of five men and four women deliberated about two hours and twenty minutes yesterday in the court of Justice Adolph Lucas before it found 27 year old car dealer Aaron Wilson guilty of two counts of false pretense of officer. The jury’s verdict was unanimous. Justice Lucas has deferred sentencing until Monday, April 10, in order to give Wilson time to prepare a plea for mitigation. On July 6, 2010 and on July 16, 2010, Wilson pretended to be a police officer. To prove its case the Crown, represented by Crown Counsel Janelle Tillett, called eleven witnesses, among them former Commissioner of Police David Henderson. Henderson testified that he did not know Wilson as a police officer or a special constable. He denied that he paid Wilson six hundred and fifty dollars every two weeks. Wilson was initially charged with five counts of false pretense of officer but three counts were withdrawn. Wilson was represented by attorney Christelle Wilson.