Easter Peace May Be Attributed to Gang Truce

Updated: April 19, 2017

The Easter weekend was rather peaceful as it relates to gunfire and gang related crimes. The Belize police department ensured that crime was kept at a low, increasing their presence throughout the Easter break across the country and especially within the city. ACP Chester Williams says that this long forgotten peace during a long weekend was also thanks to the gang leaders keeping true to their commitment made last Wednesday at the peace walk.


“This area was no different but we also had the peace walk last week Wednesday with the different elements from across South Side Belize City and there was a  pact made between the different groups that they would do their best to ensure that the Easter Holiday was peaceful and so we are grateful to the fact that yes they have kept their end of the bargain and we met again yesterday with them just to ensure that we are on the right foot to see how we can take the peace further. We want to see how we can develop or arrive at a truce between the different gangs and hopefully that will bring an end to some of the heinous crimes we are seeing on our streets.”


“How close are you to that truce and what are some of the elements or barriers that you are able to discuss with us as to why these different factions may be reluctant to institute a permanent or long lasting cease fire.”


“Well like I’ve said before, people are hurt, people are grieving and when you are dealing with people like that it is always difficult but it is an ongoing effort that we must sustain to be able to see how we can maintain peace and how we can direct them or convince them towards arriving at a truce between them. We know that it will be difficult but we do not think it is something that is unachievable.”