Senator Warns Reporters Not to Be Intrusive

Updated: May 3, 2017

After last week’s Senate hearing, a picture showing Senator Ashley Rocke on Facebook began floating on social media. The picture was taken by a reporter and shared on Facebook. The church senator was roundly criticized on social media and today before the senate hearing commenced, Chair of the Committee, Senator Aldo Salazar, warned reporters not to be intrusive.


I was made to understand that somebody took an image of the screen of one of our senators on his personal either computer or device that he was using and disseminated it via social media and I just want to ask members of the media to please conduct yourself with civility and decorum that is required by responsible journalism. I know that some of us may find it difficult to contain our rabid political prejudices and other prejudices but please let us not allow that to detract from our professionalism. I will only say that as a warning, the first warning and if it persists then we will have to consider not allowing the violators to enter.”