Police News: Marijuana and Crack Cocaine Confiscated

Updated: May 10, 2017

Two men have been charged for drug trafficking. They were arrested on Tuesday when police searched a bus at a police booth located in front of Rumors Resort in San Ignacio Town around five in the evening. There were only four passengers on board the bus. Police found 789 grams of cannabis in a black knapsack on a rack above the only two male persons traveling in the bus. They are 25-year-old Milton Joevany Godoy Linares, Guatemalan laborer and 19-year-old David Marcelo Linares, laborer of a San Ignacio address. Both were arrested and charged for drug trafficking.


Meanwhile in San Pedro, police searched a room on the lower flat of a two story wooden apartment complex and found 424 grams of cannabis and 0.69 grams of crack cocaine. Police arrested 21-year-old Phillip Sealy, 18-year-old Ernesto Lopez, and 18-year-old Serahi Arias who were present at the time of the search. They have been charged for drug trafficking and possession of controlled drugs.