Antigua and Belize’s Education Minister to Discuss Digitizing Textbooks

Updated: May 11, 2017

The Education Minister of Antigua, Michael Brown will be in Belize later this month at the invitation of Minister Patrick Faber.  A key part of his visit will be discussions on how to reduce the cost of textbooks in secondary schools.  Minister Faber spoke to Love News on this initiative.


“In next week we are welcoming the Minister of Education for Antigua. He is the Honorable Michael Brown .  Minister Brown is coming on my invitation to Belize to be a part of the Education Showcase and he will bring with him, experts in digital textbooks to meet with us to discuss how we can move forward in terms of having digital textbooks at the secondary level that we believe will cut the expense tremendously of what is costs to attend secondary schools. The books are of course a big hindrance.”

Minister Brown’s visit was planned to coincide with Education Showcase Week in Belize.