Chester Says GSU Officers May Be Over Zealous

Updated: May 11, 2017

Some residents in the Conch Shell Bay area and mediators in the peace pact among most gang factions in the City have gone on record stating that the Gang Suppression Unit’s presence in the area are provoking the residents and undoing the peace that is being achieved through dialogues among the police and gang members. Today ACP Chester Williams says they are officers who may err but who in the end are trying to do their job.


“The GSU do have a job to do and the GSU mandate is to be able to work in the different areas with a view to dismantle gangs or to suppress gangs and I know for a fact that there are good police officers within the GSU and some of them are young and overzealous and sometimes the youthfulness in them and the over zealousness allows them to operate in such a manner that may not be welcomed. So I simply asked that while they do operate that they do so bearing in mind that we are dealing with human beings and try to respect human rights and dignity. We are not here to violate anyone, I’m not going to condemn the GSU because they are police officers too and they have a job to do I would just try to see how we can work together to be able to effectively police the city because that is what they are here to do as well.”