Convicted Armed Robber Gives Police the Slip

Updated: May 11, 2017

Police are searching for 48 year old Harrison Powell, aka Harrison Myvett, who escaped after he was sentenced yesterday to 5 years for armed robbery. After he received his sentence, Powell, who was limping with a swollen left knee, was taken to Belize Central Prison to begin to serve his sentence. When he got there the prison authorities refused to accept him because he did not have any medico-legal form that stated the nature of his injury and if he had received any treatment. He was brought back to Belize City and this morning he was taken to the Cleopatra White Health Centre for treatment where he gave guards the slip and escaped. Yesterday when he appeared before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza and pled guilty to a single charge of robbery, he said that he committed the offence because he was possessed by the Devil and he was a victim of obeah from he was a child. Powell had stolen a bag from 57 year old Nazli D’Silva which contained money and other items which amounted to $4,200 in value. He was apprehended shortly afterwards by police officers who were in a mobile in the area. All of the stolen items were recovered.