Bodybuilding Champion Announces Candidacy in Upcoming Elections

Updated: May 23, 2017

The countrywide municipal elections is about nine months away and as we told you some weeks ago, the call has gone out from the political parties for interested candidates.  Today, well-known bodybuilder and five time champion, RigoVellos announced on social media that he will be entering the political arena.  Vellos wrote, “Over the past weeks, I have been consulting with family, close friends and supporters about Serving Our Community in Corozal Town as the next Mayor. The response has been tremendously positive and encouraging. I have demonstrated strong will, commitment and discipline in my sporting career and I believe in love for community and people. I stand on a record of dedication and hard work and I am committed to building our community and making a difference.”  End of quote.  Vellos is running on a PUP ticket and is looking to unseat Hilberto Campos.  Municipal election is slated for March 7, 2018.