Defence Minister Wants Stronger Ties to Fight Terrorism and Organized Crime

Updated: May 25, 2017

The Ninth Caribbean Regional Intelligence Conference was recently held in Belize and during his address, Minister of Defence, John Saldivar spoke about organized crime and terrorism. Minister Saldivar called for stronger relationships and a frank and more meaningful partnership among nations of the region in order to effectively counter terrorism and organized crime. He said quote, “The dynamic, ever-changing, elusive global context of the 21st century has forced nation states to constantly review and reinvent the way decisions are made to reflect and address the growing demands of new and emerging social, economic and geo-political challenges,” end of quote. Saldivar told representatives of 11 Caribbean nations that Belize’s Ministry of Defence stands ready to cooperate with Caribbean states to create synergies and to foster interagency cooperation and collaboration so as to provide the necessary support and enabling environment, which allows the military to efficiently carry out its functions. The conference was held last week and it was co-hosted by the United States of America specifically through the US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM).