Midwifery – A Thing of the Past

Updated: May 25, 2017

While health officials are encouraging pregnant women to seek adequate and timely healthcare there is the issue of mid-wifery or traditional birth attendants that the Minisry of Health is in the process of eliminating in Belize.  Once upon a time the midwives were the substitute obstetricians particularly in rural areas.  Dr Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services, says it is no longer an acceptable practice.


“We have tried to move away from doing deliveries at home, we are no longer TBA certification process. I think the role of the TBA is now to try to detect people in the community that are pregnant and channel them to a facility to where they can get some attention early in the pregnancy so that we can have a safe deliver but we are not really advocates of home deliveries or of TBA deliveries in the country.”


“How is that being received in terms of communities like the Mennonite Community who rely a lot on midwives.”


“Mennonite and some communities down south also we had some issues in that. I think some communities require more work than others but the work is ongoing.”