World Bank Group Endorses 5-Year Partnership with Belize

Updated: May 30, 2017

There is a new framework endorsed today in Washington DC, USA that seeks to assist Belize in strengthening the economy’s resilience as well as promote opportunities for all its citizens.  The framework is five year partnership with the World Bank Group which will help the Government of Belize in its efforts to reduce poverty and will focus in two areas, namely, building climate resilience and promoting financial inclusion and social resilience.  Under the category of climate resilience and environment sustainability, the group will help by way of strengthening roads and electricity distribution infrastructure which will better equip Belize when it comes to extreme weather events.  It will also protect and improve the management of forest and marine ecosystems in coastal areas.  Meanwhile under the umbrella of financial inclusion and social resilience the World Bank Group will render support in building the financial sector infrastructure by increasing the country’s access to finance as well as working with the Government in making young persons employable through skills training and support for at-risk youth.