Strange Disappearance of Corozal Couple

Updated: June 5, 2017

Family and friends continue their search for 32 year old Zeidy Orosco of San Andres Village, Corozal District and her boyfriend, 41 year-old Baltazar Lopez of Ranchito Village. Both persons have been missing since June 1. Orosco reportedly left home shortly after eight o’clock Thursday night in her green Chevy Prism and said she was headed to Matchies Pool Spot on Second Street North in Corozal Town to take food for her boyfriend. That was the last time any of her family members saw her. Lopez’s family tried to contact him on his mobile phone but he never picked up. On Friday June 2, the charred remains of Orosco’s car were found, sending the families of both individuals into an intensive search over the weekend. Our news team travelled to Corozal today and brings us the following report.


The Corozal Fire Department has examined the remains of the vehicle and the Corozal Fire Chief has certified that the vehicle was intentionally set on fire. Police say the investigators did not find any signs of electrical problems.