Anglican Church Seeks Middle Ground on National Issues

Updated: June 8, 2017

On August 10, the Chief Justice ruled that Section 53 was unconstitutional as it deems it criminal for consenting adults to engage in sodomy or anal sex.  Some churches had joined in an appeal effort which did not include the Anglican Church.  According to the Anglican Bishop, Philip Wright, the church’s efforts continue despite not being a party to the appeal and their withdrawal from the Church State Commission.


Bishop Wright says the Anglican Church aims at reaching a middle ground on the issues.  He added that they are open to hearing what others have to say including scientists as well as their communion.


The Office of the Attorney General of Belize filed an application to partially appeal Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin’s ruling on Section 53 in September 2016. The Government’s application to appeal solely deals with the word “Sex” and its expanded meaning which the CJ gave it. The CJ concluded that sex is equal to sexual orientation. The Government’s application opened the doors for the Roman Catholic Church to appeal as an interested party. The Roman Catholic Church is appealing the entire decision. The National Evangelical Association of Belize has also filed its paperwork asking the courts to be an interested party in the appeal. The association plans to appeal the decision in its entirety as well. The process can take months, if not years. The appellants are seeking for leave to appeal at the moment and if that leave is granted then their points will be ventilated in the Court of Appeal.