Bishop Wright to Submit Independent Report to Cabinet

Updated: June 8, 2017

Yesterday we told you of the withdrawal of the Anglican and Methodist Bishops from the Church State Commission.  The work of the commission was set to be completed yesterday and it perhaps was despite the withdrawals.  According to Bishop Philip Wright, he and Bishop Roosevelt Papaloutte would be submitting their own report on the issues.  Bishop Wright had explained that there were certain terminologies that they were not seeing eye to eye on with the rest of the commission, hence the withdrawal.  He added that what he wanted to see documented in the report to the Cabinet was the voice of the minority and not necessarily only that of the majority.


Bishop Wright says that the paper he plans to submit to the Cabinet will be done with consultation with the Belize Council of Churches.


The Church State Commission was established following the Section 53 ruling by the Chief Justice and the concerns that the churches had expressed to the Government.  The idea was to have the commission address those concerns as well as the concerns expressed on the National Gender Policy.