Money Lender Shot at Home in Benque

Updated: June 15, 2017

A Belizean money lender was shot multiple times while at home this morning. Police say that two Hispanic men on motorcycle approached Erwin Cocom at his home in Benque Viejo Del Carmen at around 11 o’clock and fired a barrage of bullets at him. Cocom was hit to the hip, hand and leg. He was taken to the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital and police say he is in a stable condition. Cocom’s long life friend, Isaias Sanchez, is shocked that Cocom was targeted.


“It doesn’t make sense. I don’t see any sense at all why they had to shoot this man. I don’t know anything and nobody knows what is happening or nobody knows.  The person who did it shouldn’t have done it. Shouldn’t have done it because I don’t see any reason why this have to come up just like that.”