Is Dangriga Hospital Endangering the Residents?

Updated: June 16, 2017

A release dated June 12, 2017 was only brought to our attention last night which has to do with the disposal of biological waste in southern Belize.  The release comes from the organization, Southeast Water Shed Alliance Group (SWAG) which is claiming that they have verified with an official at the Southern Regional Hospital in Dangriga that the facility has been operating without an incinerator for four to five years now and as a result the hospital is dumping its biological waste in a pit just of the coastal highway.  SWAG says they are very concerned over the safety of the potable water supply and the potential health issues that can be experienced in the event of floods which would lead to the overflowing of the pit where the waste is being disposed.  SWAG is calling on the Government officials to, quote, “set aside all “planned” new projects, and use some of that money to immediately rectify the issue with the Dangriga incinerator.”  The organization says that they have written to the Department of Health as well as the Belize Agricultural Health Authority but they are yet to be acknowledged or furnished with a response.