Belize will continue to send DNA abroad for analysis

Updated: July 12, 2017

One of the greatest problems facing the Belize Police Department is the processing of forensic evidence. Belize does have a forensic lad but critical testing is done abroad. Minister Elodio Aragon spoke more on the challenge.

Elodio Aragon – Minister of State, Home Affairs
“It’s not a problem about the collecting of the DNA, it’s about the analysis of DNA that we do not have the capability at this point in time at the Forensic Laboratory. This is merely because the equipment that is needed, the laboratories that are needed all of these things cost money and when you look at value for money at this point in time we have not gotten to the situation where we feel that a DNA laboratory here in Belize is required. What happens is that when these DNA samples are picked up at scenes there is a process where these samples are collected and bagged etc. and sent off for analysis at CARIGEN in Jamaica where these analyses are done and then they are sent back to Belize. When and where we need the expert testimony from DNA experts from CARIGEN then they come to Belize and can render that testimony in court so that is not a problem.”