City Gangs Unite for Entrepreneurship

Updated: August 4, 2017

Entrepreneurship was the key word in a training session held for young men and women who have found themselves attached to and/or labelled as gangs.  Dianne Finnegan was the key coordinator in this training that saw dozens of young persons from four different areas of the city come together to receive their certificate of completion.  According to Finnegan, it was not so much on turning them into entrepreneurs but rather to give them an idea on work ethics, self-employment struggles and the road to an honest living.

Amy Giulianni of Pennsylvania, USA, was the facilitator in the training.  She explained to Love News that the feedback and participation from these young persons who have since been excluded or scorned by society was overwhelming.

As for the participants, Love News spoke with 27-year-old, Alex Underwood of the Yabra area; 26-year-old, Devon Bailey of Antelope Street and 23-year-old, Adrian Avila from the Lake Independence area.  The three men come from areas that held levels of rivalry between them.  Today, however, they are united to become better persons.






The training was conducted at ITVET and will be followed by an advance course in the coming months.