BSCAP Responds to Shyne’s Reported Resignation

Updated: August 11, 2017

Yesterday we told you of Shyne Barrow’s resignation from the Belizean Society of Composers Authors Publishers (BSCAP) with immediate effect.  Today, a very brief release was sent to our news centre indicating that they have not received any such letter and only until they do will they respond to the charges made by Barrow.  Barrow noted in his letter that he cannot support the way the finances are being handled and the expenses being incurred for the current Chairperson, Heather Cunningham.  He noted that there is a four thousand dollar payment for Cunningham’s travel from Los Angeles to Belize along with other payments that he cannot and will not support especially when the artists are receiving so little.  Shyne Barrow for the last few years but more so in recent months have been on a campaign to have copyright laws implemented in Belize which would benefit the local artists.  He has been on several platforms explaining how the system would work and has been meeting with media houses and private businesses encouraging them to support the Belizean Society of Composers Authors Publishers (BSCAP).