Man hospitalized after being shot by law enforcement officer

Updated: August 16, 2017

Police in Orange Walk have confirmed a shooting involving BDF soldiers, customs officers and civilians. That shooting happened yesterday evening and left 30 year old Dwayne Almendarez wounded. Police say that BDF Soldiers and customs officers conducted a search on a bus in Yo Creek Village. Uncustomed goods were found and the authorities attempted to confiscate it. That is when tensions flared up between the officers and civilians.  Police say that an altercation ensured during which Almendarez assaulted the officers. Other passengers followed suit by throwing rocks at the officers. In response, some of the officers fired warning shots but apparently that did not deter Almendarez who proceeded to assault one of the officers. That officer pulled his issued 9mm pistol and fired several shots at Almendarez. He was taken to the Northern Regional Hospital and later to the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital where he is listed in a critical but stable condition. Yo Creek Village is the second village before Santa Cruz Village which borders the Rio Hondo River which Belizeans use as an illegal port of entry and exit to cross over to San Francisco Botes to buy goods.